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Drunk public officials attacked journalist in Chitwan

Editor at https://narayanionline.com/ Krishna Acharya was attacked while reporting at electricity office in Chitwan on July 15. Chitwan lies in the Bagmati Province of Nepal.

Editor Acharya was reporting on the cocktail party at the Bharatpur Electricity Authority office during office hours. As per the tip-off that the authority had cutoff electric supply in the area reasoning maintenance but the staffs were partying at the office, Acharya reached the office and took photos and videos of the party. Meanwhile, the drunk staffs attacked Acharya and seized his mobile phones. His clothes were torn and he was injured. Acharya however, escaped any serious injury.

The drunk staffs obeying the order of their office chief also deleted photos and videos of the party taken by the editor.

On July 16, Nepal police arrested seven officials on the basis of complaint filed at District Police Office Chitwan against the seven officers and their office chief.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the attack upon journalist while reporting news. The public authority should be accountable towards service delivery and responsible for public safety. But such act of public officials against the notion of human rights and free press is deplorable.

Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to apologize for their misconduct and contribute to fair reporting atmosphere in future.


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