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Goons attack reporter in Mahottari

Reporter at News 24 Televsion Lalan Kumar Mandal was attacked for reporting news in Mahottari on July 25. Mahottari lies in Madhesh Province of Nepal.

Talking to Freedom Forum, reporter Mandal shared that he had been following activities of Sanjay Rauniyar, an alleged loan-shark. On the day of incident, he reached the site of incident as per the information from victims of loan sharking.

Suddenly a clash broke at the site while he was taking video of victims' protest and then, body guards of Rauniyar attacked the reporter and locals.

"Though I said that I was a reporter they did not stop. I have been injured on hands and legs", he said.

"Thereafter, I filed a complaint at the local police station. Nepal police has arrested Rauniyar and is searching for other attackers", he informed.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is serious violation of press freedom. Attacking the reporter while reporting is sheer disresect of journalists' right to free press.

FF strongly urges the security authority to investigate the case fairly and ensure safety of the journalists to avoid any untoward incident in future.


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