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Reporters attacked

Police persons attacked journalists at Siraha based Radio Gangajal Chandradeep Thakur and Arbin Paswan while reporting a protest on August 6. Siraha lies in Madhesh Province of Nepal.

Thakur is news reader and Paswan is correspondent at the radio station.

Journalists duo reached the Shaurya cement industry to report on a protest by the workers working in the industry. They were trying to talk to the workers and director of the industry about the protest. Meanwhile, on-duty police persons started attacking workers and the journalists with batons shouting,"Do you want to make news, videos here? I will show you."

The journalists who were wearing t-shirts with name of their media house along with the press identity cards have bruises on their back, hands and legs due to the attack. They have undergone treatment in the mearby hospital.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the attack upon journalists. Attacking the journalists carrying distinct identity of their media house, in the name of containing the protest is a severe violation of press freedom.

Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to address the case seriously so as to ensure justice to journalists and press freedom

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