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Digital threat to editor Dhungana 

Editor at www.ukeraa.com K P Dhungana has been receiving abusive and threatening messages on his social media posts since November 17.

Editor Dhungana had posted his video questioning one of the leader Rabi Lamichhane about his Nepali citizenship on November 17.

Lamichhane, chairperson of Nepal Independent Party, is contesting the House of Representatives election. 

Editor Dhungana also posted a status on November 18: The chairperson has admitted the fact that he doesnot have Nepali citizenship and he was ready to discuss with him on this issue, so he (editor) requests everyone not to annoy him.

On both the posts, people supporting leader Lamichhane have posted various abusive and insulting comments.

Freedom Forum condemns such threats against a journalist on the social media page. Journalists have every right to report on the public issues and make public informed which is important also at the time when the election is being held tomorrow. FF urges all to have healthy debate and discussion on the social media platform rather than using abusive and insulting words with an aim to discourage the journalist.

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