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Photojournalist arrested


Udayapur based photojournalist at Radio Nepal Gajendra Rai was arrested for his reporting on November 26.

Freedom Forum talked to president of Federation of Nepali Journalists Udayapur chapter Bharat Khadka about the incident. President Khadka shared that Rai was arrested on Saturday for his news published on www.nigranipost.com (online news portal).

Police arrested Rai while he was reporting update on vote counting. According to Nepal police, Rai has been charged under cybercrime act.

Rai is also chairperson of the news portal.

According to president Khadka, the court has added five more days of detention for investigation purpose on the case. The police took Rai's statement on November 29.

Freedom Forum condemns the arrest of journalist. It is a sheer violation of press freedom. There is adequate provision to report at Press Council Nepal for any reservation over news. Arresting a journalists under cyber crime charge is sheer misuse of the act and is intended to harass the journalist.

Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to fairly investigate upon the case and release him immediately.  

Rai was released on December 9. 

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