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Death threat to senior reporter

Senior reporter at Kantipur National daily, Abdhesh Jha was issued death threat for news published on December 3 on the daily. Jha is Saptari based reporter for the daily which is located in Madhesh province of Nepal.

Reporter Jha had published news about appointment of staffs with the direct order of executive Municipal Chief Ishrat Parveen. Following this, few people posted abusive and threatening posts against reporter Jha on their social media pages. 

Journalists at Saptari also reported the incident at the District Police Office but no investigation has started yet, according to reporter Jha.

Freedom Forum condemns the death threat issued to the reporter. Despite availability of a legitimate way to complain at Press Council Nepal for any dissatisfaction over news, writing abusive posts on social media and threatening journalist is a gross violation of press freedom.

Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to investigate the case seriously and ensure safety of the journalist to avoid any untoward incident.

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