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Businesspersons attack reporter in Dhading

Bikash Rauniyar, a correspondent at Galaxy 4K television was attacked on March 25 in Dhading. Dhading lies in the Bagmati Province of Nepal. 

Rauniyar shared with Freedom Forum that he had reported on the illegal excavation by the crusher industries before three days. He then, informed the local police about the excavation.

Folowing this, people related to crusher business reached his home and called him for a meeting at around 10:30 pm. As Rauniyar met them, they punched him on his mouth. Rauniyar has received injury in his mouth.

"With bleeding mouth, I countered their attack and however, protected myself. Then, I filed a First Information Report at the Area Police office, Gajuri, Dhading. I will go to Kathmandu for further treatment and assistance in the case. I will not stay silent", said Rauniyar.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is gross violation of press freedom. If they had any reservation over the media content, they would have file complaint at the media regulatory body- Press Council Nepal. Attacking a journalist and threatening for reporting is intolerable.

FF strongly urges the concerned authority to fairly investigate the case and ensure justice and safety to the journalists.

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