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Reporters misbehaved

Reporters at www.techpana.com were misbehaved for reporting on May 3 in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the federal capital city of Nepal.

Freedom Forum talked to one of the victim reporters Ganesh Subedi who shared that Subedi and another reporter Hari Jang Thapa had reached a transport company's workshop to report on the newly manufactured electric motorcycle on the request of company's president Bhesh Bahadur Thapa.

"We took videos of the motorcycle and its parts in cooperation with the workshop staff. Meanwhile, President Thapa arrived and shouted on us saying, "why did you take video of the battery? Delete it now", said repoter Subedi.

"Though we assured him of maintaining privacy if needed, he spoke abusive and misbehaved with us", informed reporter Subedi adding that they have not published its news on the website.

Freedom Forum is concerned over the incident which took place on the World Press Freedom Day. Abusing journalists for their reporting is gross violation of press freedom. Any concern or dissatisfaction over news reporting can be discussed and sorted in a legitimate way. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned to respect journalists' right to free reporting.


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