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Police persons obstruct news reporting

Police persons misbehaved with reporter to Kantipur Television Sushila Pathak today (May 24) in Biratnagar. Biratnagar lies in Koshi Province of Nepal.

Reporter Pathak shared with Freedom Forum that she was taking video of police persons checking public fetching goods in the border area at 11:00 am. Meanwhile, the police persons told her not to take the video.

"They not only shouted at me but also seized my mobile with which I was taking the video. Eventhough I said that I was a journalist from television, they did not return my mobile", said reporter Pathak.

Then, I called the police incharge and informed about the incident. The incharge later sent back my mobile at around 4:00 pm and apologized for the misbehaviour of his team.

Freedom Forum condemns the misbehaviour meted out against a journalist. Being a public place, reporter has right to report on the activities ongoing at border area. Confiscating the communicaiton device of a journalist is deplorable, it is sheer violation of press freedom. The Nepal Police must respect journalists' right to free reporting and citizen's right to information which are guaranteed by our constitution.

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