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Journalist barred from reporting in the parliament

Senior Correspondent at www.ratopati.com Sambhu Dangal was obstructed from reporting in the federal parliament on June 13. 

Journalist Dangal shared with Freedom Forum that he has been reporting on the parliamentary affairs for ten years and he very well knows the rules for reporting the the house. On the day of incident, while Dangal started his reporting on the ongoing meeting on transitional justice bill among the sub-committee members a security officer approached him and told him that he was not allowed to use laptop.

"When I asked the officer reason for not using laptop, he pushed me out of the the meeting hall", said journalist Dangal adding,"Then, I met security incharge and informed about the incident. The incharge however, said that the security officer was not aware of rules for journalists and he asked me to continue reporting."

Freedom Forum is concerned over the incident. Obstructing a journalist from reporting on parliamentary affiars also obstructs citizen's right to access to information. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to be aware of journalists' right to free reporting on the issues of public concern thus, ensuring fair reporting atmosphere inside the parliament. 

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