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Journalist Magar receives death threat for reporting

Senior journalist Ujir Magar has been receiving death threat for his reporting since August 1, 2023. He is former General Secretary of Federation of Nepali Journalists.He has been receiving the threat since publication of news with his byline on www.lokaantar.com on August 1.

Journalist Magar shared with Freedom Forum on August 3 that he had been receiving death threat through phone calls and through social media posts since the news about alleged gold smugglers was publshed on the online news portal.

"A person named Khagendra Chhantyal said he will kill me wherever he meets me. Similarly, next named Amar Roka Chand issued threat through Facebook post stating that my name and contact number is enough to take any action against me for writing news without proof. Chand also wrote that she will not spare me at any cost", said journalist Magar.

"They have also been threatening the daughter of a source of my news accusing her of providing information to me. In the news, I have clearly mentioned that the quote was taken", he added.

"I have been ignoring their threats till date but now it seems I should take some action against them", said Magar to Freedom Forum.

Freedom Forum is conderned over the threat issued to the senior journalist. Threatening a journalist and his source is an absolute violation of press freedom. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to address the case and ensure security of the journalist.

Those issuing threat through different medium are also urged to approach Press Council Nepal for any concern over the news and respect jounalists' right to free reporting.

Lately, the Nepali media have made headlines on gold smuggling having the alleged involvement of political leaders.

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