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Illegal sand excavators attack and injure journalist Yadav for reporting

Illegal sand excavators attack and injure journalist Yadav for reporting

Photo: Reporter Rakesh Yadav receiving treatment at local hospital

Himalaya Television's reporter Rakesh Yadav was attacked while reporting in Rautahat on August 21. Rautahat lies in Madhesh Province of Nepal.

Freedom Forum called reporter Yadav to talk about the incident on August 22. Reporter Yadav said that he reached the Bagmati River in Brindavan Municipality, Rautahat to report on illegal excavation of the river as per information shared by the locals. Reaching there, he saw two crusher machines in the river and started capturing video.

Meanwhile, 5-6 people from a crusher industry approached him and interrogated who he was and from whom he got permission to take video. As Yadav shared, he, in response, said,"I am a reporter, this is my identity card and I have also informed administration before reporting." But they started beating him on chest and threw his camera too.

According to him, locals working nearby came and rescued him and then he called Deputy Superintendent of Police at District Police Office. Police officers took him to local police office where he filed a First Information report. Thereafter, police arrested the attackers. 

"I am still undergoing treatment in the hospital. The doctor has said that I have blood clot in ribs due to attack,so additional tests are needed. I am also suffering chest pain", shared reporter Yadav.

Freedom Forum strongly condemns the attack on journalist. This is third incident of attack upon journalist recorded in this month from Madhesh Province. This shows how adverse and hostile the the environment is for journalists reporting on irregularities. FF strongly urges the local authority to pay heed to the ongoing hostility towards journalists in the province.

Safety of journalist is essential for free reporting. Series of attack on journalists in Madhes Province of late is a worrying trend. The attackers must be brought to book to cater justice to the suffered journalist.


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