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Journalist receive death threat over reporting

Journalist receive death threat over reporting

Reporter to the Crime TV Nepal, an online television, Kushlav KC, was issued death threat for reporting on August 22 in the federal capital, Kathmandu.

Journalist and host of the online, KC has been reporting on grievances of public duped by the cooperative and recruitment agencies. On the day of incident, a person named Bhautik Lama claiming himself as cadre of a political party called on KC's mobile and threatened to shoot him within 24 hours if he did not remove the news from the online.

Host KC had uploaded full video of the threatening call on the online channel on August 25. According to KC, he also requested chief of the political party to advise his cadre not to threaten him.

"Then, I wrote an application to Kathmandu District Administration Office and Metropolitan Police Circle, Teku requesting for my safety. It is painful to face such hostility for doing journalism. Being a journalist, I have always done my duty within journalistic ethics and standard", aruged host KC.

Freedom Forum draws attention of the security agency towards the case and urges for ensuring safety to him so that he would not face any untoward incident.

Lately, the cooperatives have been reported of being cash-strapped, thereby depriving depositors of their savings. It is in deed a matter of public concern and journalists are free to report on it. Freedom Forum deplores death threat issued to journalist KC for it is gross violation of press freedom.


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