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Editor threatened over news on mismanagement of public properties

Chairperson and editor of https://smartkarnalinews.com/ Lankraj Dhamala received threat for reporting news on October 20. The incident took place in Kalikot district, Karnali Province.

Editor Dhamala shared with Freedom Forum that he had reported on the province's Raskot municipality's ineffective service delivery and mismanagement of the municipality's property and published the ground reporting video on October 9, 2023. After 11 days, an abusive post on municipality chief's secretariat's social media page was found targetting Dhamala. Following this, Mayor's relatives also threatened Dhamal through different phone numbers.

"If the threats continue, It will proceed with filing complaint at concerned authority", said Dhamala.

Freedom Forum is concerned over the threat issued to a journalist for his reporting. The municipality and its chief is urged to seek legitimate ways for any concern over published news content, rather than discrediting and abusing journalists. It is violation of press freedom.

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