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Meta restricts news media; content regulation needs transparency

Freedom Forum has been alarmed over Meta’s restriction of a news media from making posts.

Meta, the largest tech platform used in Nepal, has blocked the www.thedmnnews.com from making updates.

Siromani Dhungana, Chairman of the Democracy Media Network which runs the media, informed Freedom Forum that hundreds of posts with news stories and opinions were deleted by Facebook.

“Upon the removal, no message was sent to us regarding the actions by Facebook. It has deprived us of knowing the actual reason for posts removal and restrictions. We are not given a chance to provide justification or make clear on our defense,” he told FF, adding that his media had adhered to the journalistic ethics and professionalism.

Although a Meta representative was approached, the media was denied reason behind restriction.

Meta is the most popular digital platform in Nepal for citizens and media to augment their views and business, but such blockade without providing any reason is worrying.

To this, FF Executive Chief Taranath Dahal said, “It is a serious issue of tech accountability and transparency. Many including journalists and media are suffering at the non-transparent measure of Meta on dealing with contents. The restriction of www.thedmnnews.com is not only a throttling and taking down some contents but a blanket approach to restrict entire website.”

Dahal further argued the digital platform, Meta, requires transparency in its community standard and content regulation so that freedom of expression and access to information would not be breached. “It is deplorable to block entire website of news media without any reason,” he underlined, urging Meta to immediately lift the restriction.


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