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Maoist Unionists prevent Kantipur from publishing in Biratnagar

Owing to the protest from the Maoist affiliated Worker’s Union and All Nepal Communications, Printing and Publications Worker’s Union, Thursday’s edition of ‘The Kathmandu Post’ and ‘Kantipur Daily’ could not be published from Biratnagar.The Maoist unionists have staged a sit-in outside the regional office of the Kantipur Publications Pvt Ltd in Biratnagar stopping employees from entering the office today.

Hundreds of readers have expressed their sadness in being deprived from the right to information, the Kantipur Regional Office in Biratnagar said.

The agitating workers’ demands include enforcement of the government-stipulated wages and job permanency to the staff associated with the office for over 240 days among others.
They have warned to shutdown Biratnagar office for an indefinite time if the management turns a deaf ear to their demands.

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