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PM assures probe into the incident

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Monday refuted any direct involvement of Maoist party in the assault on Himalmedia Sunday and claimed that "some immoral agents" who have "infiltrated" into the Maoist party and ranks were in fact involved it.

He also expressed commitment that the government will probe the incident and take action against those involved in the attack.

In a meeting with leaders of the civil society at his official residence in Baluwatar Monday morning, PM Dahal expressed sadness over the incident and urged everyone to fight against these "infiltrators" with determination and that they will have all the support needed [in this] from the government, according to nepalnews.com, an online news provider.

Representatives of Kathmandu based Model Hospital were also in the civil society group that had gone to meet PM Dahal to raise concern about the problems Maoist-aligned workers' union have created in Model Hospital and Sunday's attack on Himalmedia by Maoist-aligned trade unions.

"There are people who in the guise of the Maoists are engaged in giving a bad name to the party," he said, adding "our party is constantly struggling to rid the party off these elements."

Meanwhile, Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FNJ) in association with Freedom Forum and other organizations is going to organize a protest rally at 3 PM this afternoon from New Baneshwor to Maitighar Mandala to protest the violent attack on Himalmedia and journalists and employees working there and to exert pressure on the government to safeguard constitutionally rights to freedom of press and of expression.

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