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Press Workers Strike disrupts Newspaper Publishing

Owing to the indefinite strike announced by Free Press Workers Union in Kanchanpur, a far-western district of Nepal, so as to put pressure to have their demands addressed, some eight newspapers published from the district could not get published on December 9, Tuesday.

The press workers launched strike as a part of their agitation citing reason that the press manager turned apathy to heed their demands. They have been demanding 50 per cent increase to their existing salary.
The dialogue held between press manager and media workers on Tuesday ended inconclusively. Around 34 media workers of 10 printing press of district came to agitation.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident blocking the publishing of newspapers and asks the Union to seek legal remedy and other measures to exert pressure to have their demands addressed. Closing down of newspaper will directly curtail journalist’s right to freedom of expression and people’s right to information which are utterly indigestible in open and democratic society. The Forum urges the government to facilitate to make workable environment for journalists in an uninterrupted manner.

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