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Physical Threat to Journalist

A cadre of Tarai National Liberation Front (TNLF) issued threat of physical actions to Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Central Member and Central Region Coordinator Shital Sah including two other journalists and a newspaper office on August 14, Thursday evening.According to the statement issued by FNJ, a person claiming himself to be from TNLF and identified to be Baba Khan warned Shah of taking physical actions using the mobile phone number 9804886334 while he was working at FNJ Janakpur-based office. Journalist Sah was targeted by the Tarai outfits when he took initiative to defend other journalists and media houses in Tarai.

Your every action would be stopped from tomorrow; today is the last day for you journalists in Tarai, journalist Shital Sah quoted Khan as saying.

In response to the constant threats via telephone, FNJ, Dhanusha Chapter took decision to boycott news of programmes of TNLF.

It is serious threat to journalists since it is associated not only to their professional safety but also physical security. The situation in Tarai is becoming unrelenting day after day. It is intolerable and unacceptable actions against journalists and at this hour, we urged the government to remain active in protecting journalists. 

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