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Journalists again attacked in Dhangadhi

JP Joshi, Editor of Janadisha Daily Kailali Edition was attacked and looted by an unidentified group with broken bottles and stones at their hands on August 1, Friday. A group of five persons assaulted Joshi nearby Nawajeevan Bank of Dhangadhi at around 11 PM in the night while he was bringing newspaper plate to bus park-based Gardner off-set press
They rained stones at him, tore his clothes and looted mobile set along with Rs. 2,600 from him

Even when he disclosed his identity as journalist, the perpetrators did not stop their ill-treatment and threatened him saying, ‘we have no concerns whosoever you are; we will come anytime tomorrow to your office, collect Rs. 3,000 for us’ .

Joshi said they ruthlessly beaten along the passage nearby Nawajeevan Bak.

In another incident same night, Sushil Dhungana, Kailali-based correspondent of Samachar Saramcha  Daily was attacked and threatened to take life by an unknown group for covering news of smuggling Friday.

Taking over smuggling related news being published in local newspaper, some individuals warned of killing via Indian mobile number.

“We are working together with police; do not expose yourself to prevent us from continuing our business, we can bring harm to you’, they said via mobile.

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