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Gorkhapatra Correspondent Threatened

Kapilvastu-Basanta Giri, Kapilvastu district-based correspondent at Gorkhapatra National Daily was threatened to take life by the Chairperson of an organization namely RISE for the news published alleging the latter's involvement in the embezzlement of Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF). Chaudhari was the candidate in the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections from Terai Madhesh Loktantrik Party (TMLP).

 Chairperson of the organization Jeet Bahadur Chaudhari warned him of killing over the news entitled "Poverty Alleviation Fund Misused for Election" in the Gorkhapatra on June 28.

Victim Giri organizing a press conference informed that Chaudhary rang him from his office's telephone number 076-560930 warning to kidnap him from his house and murder him In India.
"I know that where you are living; I will take your life and release statement in the name of other agitating groups", Giri quoted Chaudhary as saying.

The incident developed to this form when the users group revealed financial embezzlement carried out by Chaudhary while constructing a bridge in Buddha VDC of the district. The users group members alleged him that he has misappropriated Rs. 1, 00, 000 out of Rs. 3, 30, 000 of PAF disbursed for the construction of bridge, said FNJ Kapilvastu Chairperson Bhesh Raj Pandey.

Meanwhile, a delegation of journalists on Saturday called on Chief District Officer and submitted a memorandum demanding stern actions against Chaudhary for threatening to journalists in the name of armed group.

He has committed to take efforts to have negotiation between journalists and Chaudhari on the issue and take actions if he would not come to agreement.

Freedom Forum strongly deplored the incident and demanded with the government to bring such perpetrators to the justice at the earliest. Even after the Constituent Assembly elections and declaration of republic in Nepal, the trend of violation of press freedom is rising and the situation requires effective measures on the part of the government to ensure security of journalists, said the Forum. It is the duty of journalist to make public the things which are against the public and such incidents are quite against freedom of expression and right to information, the Forum added.

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