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Unity's employees engage in anti-press activities

Employees affiliated with Unity Life International, a company that is allegedly operating its networking business illegally, threatened, manhandled and misbehaved with journalists in the various part of the country.

Journalist duo Rajnessh Bhandari and Bikash Adhikari of Kantipur Television along with journalist Krihna Gyawali were manhandled by employees involved with the Unity Life International in Jawalakhel on 19 May. All three journalists had reached the head office of Unity Life International for reporting in the time of attack. The people involved with Unity forcibly took away the cameras of the journalists and kept with them for a while.
Similarly, Sushmita Karki, an employee of Unity Life International along with some of her colleagues issued threats to the Councilor of Federation of Nepali Journalist and Vice Chairman of Revolutionary Journalists Association, Dharan chapter Keshav Ghimire on 18 May in Dharan, an eastern district of Nepal, for writing news about irregularities of Unity Life International.

In yet another incident, the participants of Unity's peace rally misbehaved with the journalists on 18 May 2010 in Kathmandu. Participants of the rally forced journalists to delete photos from their cameras.
Unity Life International has been in the news for its illegal activities here in Nepal for last couple of days. Police nabbed two of its director for their alleged involvement in illegal business.
Freedom Forum strongly condemns the incidents and asks the government to take immediate action against all perpetrators of the incidents. No illegal activities can be hidden by issuing threats to the journalists, manhandling and attacking journalists. Freedom Forum urges the Unity's employees to respect the notion of press freedom and act in responsible manner. The Forum calls on the government to provide ample security to journalists.