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Journalist Rabindra Pokharel attacked

Journalist Rabindra Pokharel of Republica daily was attacked by a group of people at Biratnagar in eastern Morang district of Nepal on June 3.Following a news report regarding a dispute on land belonging to local Indra Kumar Maskey, a group of 15 persons had severely beaten him up. The news report was published in Rupblica and Nagarik dailies on May 31 edition stating that Maskey had been illegally occupying the house and land owned by Bimala Devi Pokhrel. 

According to journalist Pokharel Binod Yadav and Pankaj Maskey attacked him along with other group members. Journalist Pokharel escaped only after he called police whom were moving nearby the venue. He sustained injuries in his body.

Freedom Forums denounces the incident and calls on the government to take immediate action against guilty of the incident. Further, the Forum asks the government to provide ample security to journalist Pokharel so that he can freely exercise his right to cover and disseminate news and information.

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