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Abducted journo Bohora Freed from Captivity

Keshav Bohora, a Nepalese radio journalist working with Radio Mandavi, Pyuthan was released last night (July 1) after more than 30 hours abduction by an unidentified gang. Journalist Bohora, who was abducted on June 30 reportedly for the news coverage on land dispute, was released nearby Gorusinge of Kapilvastu adjacent to Pyuthan.  The abductors freed and left him on the road some two kilometers away from Gorusinge Police Post of Kapilvastu, according to a mission of journalists who met and rescued Bohora at 3.00 AM Thursday night.  Journalist Bohora had first come in contact with the police post in Gorusinge at around 10.30 after two-hour walk from the place he was freed. The police admitted him in a local health post and provided treatment.  The mission team quoted journalist Bohora of saying that he was blind folded throughout the abduction and an unidentified group claiming themselves to be Maoist cadres abducted him on June 30, Wednesday reportedly over a news on land dispute he aired through radio.  The unmasked group consisting of five male and one female with pistol had abducted him from Devisthan of Tiram in Pyuthan district. They have kept journalist Bohora in captivity without providing him any food to eat.  “The abductors even did not provide me anything to eat during the period. I was given water only after 15 hours of abduction. I found myself in a stranger area when my mobile phone alarmed in the morning”, said Bohora after his public appearance in a press conference held in Pyuthan district headquarter Khalanga today.  They told him that he was put in captivity for reporting the dispute centered around the land of Swargadwari Temple captured by Unified CPN (Maoist) and his involvement in District Chapter of Nepal Red Cross, according to a mission.  The mission quoted him of saying that "We released you just because Prime Minister Madhav Kumar resigned from his post otherwise you will have slim chance to back to life”.  Freedom Forum alerts all national and international friends that the incident has served as a testimony that Nepal is becoming a danger zone for journalists to exercise their freedom of expression and to do their duty to impart information to people. Freedom Forum strongly condemns the incident of captivating journalists and asks the Maoists to bring out reality behind the abduction.  “The government should fairly investigate into the incident and bring the guilty otherwise impunity will grow in the country resulting insecure environment for journalists to work”, said Freedom Forum Chairperson Dahal.  He added, “There seems clear involvement of Maoists in the incident which has again put them in the circle of suspicion with regard to their commitment to press freedom”. Maoists should help investigate into the incident to curb such tendency, otherwise their honesty will be nude before the entire world community.  

We urge the government to palce high alert towards the security of abducted journalist Bohora who may face any threats and untoward accident in the future because of the effect of his work.