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Anti-press Incidents Unabated

Misekhang, chairperson of the Federal Limbuwan State Council (Revolutionary), a group operating its ethno-political activities in the eastern part of Nepal, threatened journalist Parbat Portel, a reporter for "Kantipur daily" in Kakadbhitta of Jhapa district on September 2.


Following a news report entitled 'forced donation by Council's cadres' published in September 2 edition of "Kantipur daily" and aired through "Kantipur FM", Misekhang frequently threatened journalist Portel over his cell phone.

In a separate incident, Chandreshwor Bastakoti, a reporter for state-owned Nepal Television, has been threatened with life in the western Mustang district on September 2.

Ajit Thakali, son of Tej Bahadur Thakali known as 'Mukhiya'— Mukhiya is traditionally considered as a local leader— has threatened journalist Bastakoti after the coverage of news in connection with illegal tax collection.

According to journalist Bastakoti, Thakali warned him of taking 'any type of action' if he would report anything against local tax collection system.

Freedom Forum strongly condemns both the incidents and considers such threats the attack on journalist's right to reporting on public issues. Freedom Forum calls on law-enforcement bodies of respective district to investigate the incident and prosecute culprits. Article 15 of constitution of Nepal guarantees the right to freedom of publication and broadcast public issues without interruption. Freedom Forum urges the government implement legal remedies and give justice to victim journalists at the earliest.