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Freedom Forum Welcomes FNJ's Decision

Freedom Forum welcomes the decision of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) to honour its Chairman Taranath Dahal who is also the former chairman of, and present central advisor to the FNJ with the Press Freedom Fighter Award for this year.

Freedom Forum is proud to have its Chairman Dahal to be felicitated with the prestigious Award which recognizes the unflinching contribution of Mr Dahal to the press freedom and freedom of expression for more than one-and-a-half-decade in the country.

As a Chairman of the Freedom Forum and the chairman of the FNJ in the past, Mr Dahal has played a significant role for the freedom of expression with thorough understanding, research and analysis of the subject matter, lobby with the stakeholders including political parties and government bodies and discussion among media persons for the full-fledged practice of the free press in spite of myriad of challenges due to the adverse political situation in the country. His role to protect and uphold the human rights, press freedom, good governance and democracy is always a laudable task. Mr Dahal's role on bringing the Right to Information Act and its regulations are obvious examples of Nepali media taking a stride.

Therefore, Freedom Forum regards this award as the honour to the democracy, human rights, free press and freedom of expression. 


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