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Case filed against Journo Attacker Parshuram Dhakal

The Office of the District Attorney, Morang, on June 30, filed a case against Youth Force Morang In-Charge, Parshuram Basnet and two of his accomplices at the District Court in connection with the murderous attack on Biratnagar-based journalist Khilanath Dhakal, correspondent to the Nagarik and Republica dailies.

Parshuram Basnet has been accused of masterminding the attack, while the two others- Youth Force Biratnagar Chief Rohit Koirala and member Manoj Rai-of executing the murderous plan.

Rohit and Manoj were presented at the Morang District Court by police when the case (registration no 1720) was filed.

However, the prime accused of the attack, Basnet is still large. It is the sheer mockery of the administration to fail arresting the mastermind of the murderous attack for such a long time since the attack. The government is maintaining double standard, as it is promising to nab Basent and giving him political protection at the same time.

Journalist Dhakal was attacked on June 5, 2011 for reporting the incident of Youth Force attack on police, and a jailbird by Parshuram gang.

The Court is to issue an arrest warrant against absconding Dhakal after the initial hearing on the case.

Freedom Forum takes the charge sheet against journo attackers as a welcome deed though late. However, it expresses grave concern over government's inaction to nab the prime accused; and abhors political protection to the criminals. If the criminals go scot-free, the impunity does not see any decline.