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Speaker Nembang expresses concern over Barring Journalists

Speaker Subash Nembang has expressed concern over barring journalists from entering the Singha Durbar. He expressed such concern with the Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal on July 21.

The government had no rights to bar the journalists bearing theParliament Secretariat Press Pass from entering the Singha Durbar, Speaker Nembang said, adding, "There is not only government but also the parliament inside Singha Durbar."

He also asked the Prime Minister why the journalists were barred for three days.

The journalists had to run from pillar to post to collect news about the Legislature-Parliament committees on 19 and 20 July after the security persons barred them entering Singha Durbar, the central administrative office of the country. The security persons said the Home Ministry had directed them not to allow journalists into the Singha Durbar.

Speaker Nembang concern has obviously advocated for the rights of the journalists and of the people. His concern has made the administration be sensitive and aware toward the transparency on its activities and people's right to information. Freedom Forum welcomes this.