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Media Houses Threatened

Media Houses Threatened Freedom Forum's attention has been drawn towards an incident that the media houses in Jhapa, the eastern most district in the southern plain of the country, have been threatened by an underground armed outfit recently.

Sending the letters of threats to the media houses, Supreme Commander of Janatantrik Tarai Madhesh Mukti Morcha, an underground armed outfit waging struggle in the southern plain of Nepal threatened most of the media houses saying- they must begin disseminating news and programs in Maithili language within a month, otherwise they would face dire consequences, said a local journalist Mohan Kaji to the Media Monitoring Desk of Freedom Forum on July 29, 2011. 

In the letters, Bhagat Singh, mentioning himself Supreme Commander of the Morcha, warned the media outlets if this order was not implemented, the media houses would be exploded with bombs.

As a result, the media persons are panicked in the district.

It clearly shows how insecure the journalists are in Nepal. In a way or other, they are always under threats.

Freedom Forum condemns the threats and urges the local administration to provide security to the journalists to carry out their works in a free and fair atmosphere in order to protect and promote people's right to information.

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