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Journalist panicked over fear of attack

Freedom Forum has been concerned over an incident that took place in Banke, a district in the southern belt of the Midwestern region of Nepal on November 4, 2011.

A gang of criminals were found searching for journalist working at a local Radio Pratibodh FM and the Mission Today daily, Sher Bahadur KC, over the news he published in the daily regarding the arrest of a man in the most wanted list of the district police, Kulin Rana, of Kohalpur in the district.

Talking to Freedom Forum's media monitoring desk, journalist KC said a gang belonging to the most wanted list Rana was searching him reaching his home but luckily KC was absent. He added that it was rife in his community that he would be attacked at any time because he wrote news about Rana's arrest.

Such incidents are contributing negatively to the journalists' right to write freely about crime and social malpractices. Moreover, it incites self-censorship in journalists.

Therefore, Freedom Forum strongly urges the concerned bodies to provide security to journalist KC and search and take action to the terrorizing group.

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