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Minister of State manhandles journalists

To everyone’s astonishment, a Minister of State turns up to a hospital inebriated at night and misbehaves and manhandles anyone appearing before him.

Minister of State for Health, Saroj Kumar Yadav, who had reportedly gone to meet his ailing relative in Bir Hospital in the capital city on March 18, 2012, manhandled a journalist and cameraperson and spoke foul on them.

Inebriated State Minister Yadav manhandled Praveen Dhakal of Saurya daily and tried to seize the camera journalist Gyanendra Karki of the same daily was using to take the photo and make news about the incident.

To the journalists, he, almost drunken, said, “You, nobody, get lost from here. Who are you to set camera before me?”

Even the on-duty doctors were misbehaved with by the drunken Minister of State Yadav.

To sheer mockery of responsibility and morality, the State Minister was inebriated and acted abnormally.

Freedom Forum strongly condemns the ill-treatment on journalists meted out by State Minister.

As all are equal before the law, Freedom Forum urges the Prime Minister to take action against the unruly member of the Cabinet and teach every member of the Cabinet about journalists’ rights, press freedom and right to information.

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