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Police denies information

Freedom Forum has been concerned over concealing information by a police person about an incident of domestic violence.

A Sub-Inspector of Police at Metropolis Police Sector, Imadol of Lalitpur in the capital city denied information when a journalist Tekraj Thami of the Sourya daily inquired about the incident on March 20, 2012.

The Sub-Inspector of Police said in a threatening manner, "I don't provide you any information. I don't care what you write."

Journalist Thami was reached at Imadol to learn about a teenager girl working in a house was reportedly beaten up by the landlady and rescued later by neighbours.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident and strongly urges the police administration to provide the information the journalist sought by adhering to people's right to information. Concealing information is against law and it is the case of press freedom violation.

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