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Jurnalists threatened for not writing about protest.

With the deadline to promulgate constitution (May 27) fast approaching in the country, people in various regions have mounted pressure programs in a bid to have their demands addressed in the new constitution. 

But, the media persons have begun facing difficult moments while making news on such pressure programs and protests.

Demanding the present far western region to keep undivided while restructuring the country, the people in the region have continued banda (general shutdown) for two weeks.

With this, the demonstrators have intimidated journalists, ordering to write news in their favour- their protest, demand, and demonstration.

Prakash Bam, Tek Chanda and Karna Chanda of the local Triveni FM in Doti district were threatened recently why they did not write about protest.

Freedom Forum is highly concerned other these incidents and urges the concerned administrations to provide ample security to the journalists and help protect and promote people's right to information.

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