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Reporters Attacked in Butwal

Yet again, the supporters of Tharuhat Joint Struggle Committee agitating in the southern plain, demanding Tharuhat province while restructuring the country, manhandled a reporter with the Kantipur daily, Amrita Anamol and camera-person Swastik Shreshta with the same daily while reporting on May 23, 2012 in Butwal, a city in the southern pain of the western region of Nepal.

Talking to Media Monitoring Desk of the Freedom Forum, reporter Anamol said she and cameraperson Shrestha were manhandled, verbally abused and her motorcycle vandalized by the supporters of the Struggle Committee which called banda (general shutdown) in the region.
"They also intimidated, asking to report on their favour, about their protest," she added.

Freedom Forum condemns the incidents that violated the press freedom. The Freedom Forum strongly urges the agitating groups to respect the media freedom and create favourable atmosphere for journalists to carry out their works in free and secured way.

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