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Spate of attacks on press on

The spate of the press freedom violation is on in Nepal by various ethnic groups in the name of struggle for rights for some weeks.

On May 24, 2012, too, Freedom Forum recorded some incidents of press freedom violation.

In course of the banda (general shutdown) organized by the Broader Madhesi Front in southern plain, the enforcers and supporters of the banda burnt the copies of the Kantipur, the Kathmandu Post, and the Annapurna Post dailies in Siraha, a district in the southern plain in the eastern part of the country.

Reasoning that the newspapers did not publish the news in favour of the banda, the banda supporters stopped the vehicles carrying the newspapers and burnt the newspapers.
Meanwhile, a press vehicle belonging to the Gorkhapatra daily was vandalized at Bhairahawa, a city in the southern plain of the western part of the country, the same day.

The supporters of the Front vandalized the vehicle (Ga 1 Cha 4215) while it was distributing the newspaper. They also used foul words on the driver. "Why doesn't the daily write news about us?" they said, according to the daily.

Freedom Forum condemns these incidents of press freedom violation, and strongly urges the concerned local authorities  to take action on the perpetrators. Freedom Forum also urges the protesters to respect press freedom and people's right to information while struggling for their rights. They can be restraint while struggling.