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Death Threat to Journalist Mandal

Kamalesh Mandal, a reporter with the Rajdhani daily and Avenues Television  from Mahottari, a district in the southern plain, was issued death threat on June 17 by an unknown person over the news he wrote about the bomb blast occurred in Dhanusha.

Journalist Mandal who is also the editor of a local Mahottari weekly told the media monitoring desk of Freedom Forum that he was threatened of life by an unknown person. He added that the person threatened of destroying everything he had and killing him because he (unknown person) had known well about him. He warned not to write any more news about the blast, according to journalist Mandal.

It is the violation of press freedom and journalist's right to write on issues of public concern. Also, it is the attack on people's right to information. Such incident are responsible for growing self-censorship among Nepali journalists.

Freedom Forum condemns the incidents and urges strongly the local administration to provide security to journalist Mandal to fend off possible attack on him.