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Government Becoming Hostile to Electronic Media

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the recent decision of the government to impose electronic media to pay two percent of their income or 10 percent of their net profit for broadcasting.

The government decision has come at a time the electronic media organizations have been demanding the scrapping of the policy to charge broadcasting royalty.

The decision is against the flourishing of electronic media, especially the community radios which played significant role to enhance people's access to information.

The government, instead of facilitating electronic media which are working for the greater good of the public, has misinterpreted the Broadcasting Regulation and trying to impose undue royalty.

It is the conclusion of the Freedom Forum that the electronic media which is striving for betterment despite limited income, could hardly bear the royalty as asked by the government. Therefore, it may result in the difficulty to survive and work for the freedom of expression and people's right to information.