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Death Threat issued

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the death threat issued on Mithilesh Yadav, reporter with the Republica daily from Siraha, a district in the southern plain of Nepal on July 10, 2012.

Talking to Media Monitoring Desk of the Freedom Forum, journalist Yadav said Senior Superintendent of Police Govinda Niraula threatened him not to write news about police and if he continued, he would be gunned down.

Journalist Yadav said he had been writing news about police-criminal nexus in different crimes in the district. Therefore, the SSP Niraula threatened him of life.

The police administration which is responsible to provide security to people itself emerges hostile to people. Also important is the violation of press freedom, journalists' right to write against social maladies.

Freedom Forum, therefore urges the police administration to respect journalists' right to write about the wrongdoings in society and protect citizens' right to information. And, the SSP needs to apologize and withdraw the death threat.

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