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Plot to kill Journalist Jha

Freedom Forum is shocked to learn about a plot being hatched allegedly by Sub-Inspector of Police, Manoj Poudel, to kill journalist Abadhes Kumar Jha, reporter with the Kantipur and the Kathmandu Post dailies from Sunsari, a district in the southern plain of the eastern part of Nepal. The murder plot came to light on 21 July 2012.

Journalist Jha told Freedom Forum that he got an audio clip that recorded a conversation between unknown persons and SI Poudel. In the conversation, he was ordering the unknown persons to attack journalist Abadhes and break his hands and legs.

Moreover, he was seeking help to kill journalist Jha. He was using local Maithili language while making such call. Importantly, SI Poudel was saying he was getting retired within a week and finishing off Jha.

When inquired about any animosity with SI Poudel, journalist Jha said, "I had written a news story of a stolen motorcycle being used by SI Poudel last year. Since then, he was talking of attack and threats on me with his friends."

It is grave and condemnable that SI Poudel which himself is a unit of police administration, a state body to provide security to people, posed serious challenge to journalist's life.

It is worth mentioning that the State body to protect people from every risk has turned hostile to journalist merely for informing public about social malpractices.

Therefore, it is not only a case of press freedom violation but also of violation of right to life.
Freedom Forum strongly urges the District Police Office, Inaruwa, to bring to book the SI Poudel with thorough investigation into this.

Freedom Forum will keep on monitoring on this case and update.

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