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Journo Taken Under Control at Jhapa

Tika Ram Neti, a correspondent with the Rajdhani daily from Jhapa, a district in the eastern most part of the southern plain of Nepal was taken under control by an owner of sweets house on July 26, 2012.

Talking to the Freedom Forum's media monitoring desk, correspondent Neti said he was made captive for half an hour while we has reporting about the unhygienic condition of the sweets shops/store named Calcutta Misthanna Bhandar at Birtamod in the district.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident which harassed the journalist.

Journalists in Nepal are made butt of attack and threats time and again over the news they make about social and commercial malpractices and other anomalies.

Freedom Forum strongly urges the administration to find the person who threatened of action on journalist Koirala and take punitive measures, and asks the sweet owners to respect press freedom and people's right to information.

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