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Way Forward of PSB Explored

Freedom Forum has been continuously lobbying and advocating for citizens' rights to information. For the people's access to information, the FF has already outlined the Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) Bill. It has advocated broader and easy access of people's to the information in the country.

In this connection, Union of Media Employees-Nepal organized a programme on "Transforming Government Media into State Owned Media: Challenges of Workers" in the capital city, Kathmandu, on December 17, 2012.

In the programme, FF Chairman Taranath Dahal was key resource person.

Making presentation at the programme, he stressed the need of transforming government-run Radio Nepal into the PSB model in order to ensure all people's access to information. Similarly, another government-run media- Rastriya Samachar Samiti (news agewncy)- could be changed into a trust. He was of the view that Nepal's state-run media were in need of independence and out of government's control to suit and promote the democratic media practice.

Nepal government has been running four media- the Gorkhapatra and Rising Nepal dailies, Radio Nepal, Nepal Television and Rastriya Samachar Samiti (news agency) under its control. These are in need of transformation to enrich people's access to information.

Therefore, Mr Dahal argued that the trade unions in media need to make their position, pile pressure on concerned and mobilize stakeholders for changing the media as per time.