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UN calls for greater efforts to protect journalists in Nepal

The emerging, horrific details of the circumstances of Dekendra Raj Thapa’s death in Dailekh District in 2004 are a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety of journalists in Nepal.

The enjoyment of the right of freedom of expression and the respect of freedom of the press are pre-requisites for a successful transition to peace.  Journalists play a crucial role in providing information that is vital for citizens to engage in their democracy.  And journalists are symbols of the right to speak freely.

Past and present aggressions against media professionals and the failure to bring the culprits to justice, ultimately obstructs the achievement of a sustainable peace and the rule of law in Nepal.   We are also concerned by reports that a number of journalists, who in recent days have been working on the Thapa case, have been facing threats.

(Source: UNESCO Nepal Office, 10 Jan  2013)