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FF Welcomes Court Decision on Dekendra's Case

Update on Dekendra's Case

Freedom Forum welcomes January 15 verdict of the Supreme Court (SC) which came in favour of the continuation of the prosecution against those accused in the journalist Dekendra Thapa murder case.

The verdict has censured Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and his legal advisor Attorney General Mukti Pradhan who instructed the district attorney and police in Dailekh to halt the case reasoning it would be addressed by the would-be-formed commission on truth and reconciliation.

The SC verdict has made it clear that government's instruction to halt court proceedings was illegal and against the Interim Constitution and the fundamental principles of criminal justice.
Moreover, the SC, in its verdict, told the Dailekh Police and District Attorney Office to report to it if they face illegal obstructions.

With this, the illegal moves of the Prime Minister and Attorney General have been aborted. The SC verdict has denuded the undue pressures of the Prime Minister and his advisor to halt the ongoing prosecution. The verdict has brought happiness to the media persons, family of the slain journalist, rights defenders and civil society members.

The court obviously helps to check growing impunity, the Freedom Forum concludes and urges the concerned to abide by this.