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Govt.'s suppression of Anti-corruption activists breaches freedom of expression

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the government's suppression of a peaceful protest of the anti-corruption activists in the capital city Kathmandu on Saturday.

The fast-on-to-death strike being staged by some two dozens of anti-corruption activists led by Sharada Bhushal Jha at the gate of corruption control agency, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), was intervened and the activists detained by the police.

Talking to the Freedom Forum, lead activist Sharada Bhushal Jha said, 'Police suppressed our peaceful protest and detained us at Singha Durbar Police beat. The administration violated our rights to peaceful protest."

It is worth-noting here that Jha, who had launched a two-week hunger strike against corruption in Mahottari, a district in the southern plain of Nepal, in September 2011. She had ended the strike after the senior government officials ensured that they would address her demand.

This time too, the activists have demanded control of corruption rife across the country, appointment of CIAA commissioners among others.

The suppression of the peaceful agitation is also a violation of the right to freedom of expression. With this, Freedom Forum expresses solidarity to the peaceful protest and strongly demands the administration to release the activists and address their genuine demands.