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Concern over Government's Apathy to Anti-Corruption Campaign

Freedom Forum has been concerned over government's negligence towards the demands raised by the anti-corruption campaigners who are staging fast-onto-death under the leadership of Sharada Bhushal Jha at Shantibatika in the capital.

The police have time and again disrupted the peaceful protest of Bhushal violating their right to freedom of expression.Today (March 1) is the eighth day of the fast-onto-death begun by the Bhushal's team which had earlier staged protest at the gate of Commission of Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) demanding action against those involved in massive financial irregularities at Banauli Danauli VDC of Mahottari district in the southern plain of Nepal.

They have been in struggle with 11-point demands including the appointments of officials in the CIAA, anti-graft body, investigation into the huge corruptions in the local bodies in various districts of the southern plains in the country.

In course of the peaceful protest, Bhushal and her team were detained by the police thereby suppressing the right to peaceful protest.

The peaceful protest launched by Bhusal's team is very relevant and pious at a time the local bodies have been corrupt all across the country and foiling the atmosphere for good government.

Freedom Forum condemns the arrest of the team and express solidarity to the peaceful protest.

It is worth mentioning here that Bhusal and her team had staged similar protests in Mahottari district in the previous year too.