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Editor Assaulted By Hospital Employees

Reasoning the publication of the news about a woman's death in a local hospital of Biratnagar, a city in the eastern plain of Nepal, editor and publisher of the Janahit weekly, Satya Narayan Sharma, was assaulted by the hospital employees on March 11, 2013.

According to Editor Sharma, the employees agitated after the shutdown of the hospital due to the death of the woman were staging sit-in at the gate of the District Administration Office, Morang and demanding immediate re-opening of the hospital and ample security.

While he was taking a photograph of the sit-in, the employees rushed towards him and beat up, saying, "Why are you writing only negative news about the hospital?"

Freedom Forum shows concerns to a incident and strongly urges hospital staffs and police persons to respect the media freedom and journalist's right to reporting.

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