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Reporter's Camera Seized, Photos Deleted

Security persons seized a camera from Dhrub Dangal, a reporter with the Nagarik daily from Sindhupalchowk, a neighbouring district to the capital city on October 20, 2013.

Nepal police and Nepali army persons seized the camera while photographing security persons mobilized for the election security in the district.

Talking to Freedom Forum's media monitoring desk, reporter Dangal said, "I was taking picture of the Nepal army personnel mobilized recently for the election security in the district. But a police person and an army man seized my camera and forced me to delete it." The incident occurred at Chautara, district headquarters of Sindhupalchowk district.

"I felt that press freedom is still a dream in our country," said reporter Dangal while sharing experience about the incident.

Obviously, the incident is against press freedom. It shows Nepal's security persons are hostile to media freedom. It has hindered people's right to information. Freedom Forum therefore urges the security persons to respect journalist's right to free reporting and press freedom.

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