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In the capital city, Kathmandu, on December 17, two journalists were taken under control for two hours by the police under the direction of Additional Inspector General of Police, Ram Nath Singh. 

Police arrested reporter of the Himalayan Television, Nirash Tamang, and camera person Shailendra Chaudhari, while they were making story on the health condition of a sub Inspector of police who was injured in a clash with smugglers, according to the press release issued by the Himalayan TV. 

Freedom Forum condemns both of these incidents which have violated press freedom. These are serious as there is the involvement of police persons who are responsible for maintaining peace and security in the community. But they have turned hostile to the journalists breaching the latter's right to free reporting. 

Therefore, they must abide by press freedom, respect journalists' right to free reporting and people's right to information which are essential to democratic culture. 

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