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The umbrella organization of the journalists from across the country, Federation of Nepalis Journalists (FNJ), has been learnt to have disseminating memberships based on political faith which is evident to set up wrong precedent in the media freedom and professionalism.

It is the omen that the umbrella media trade union is being weakened with such incident in place. The left inclination of the FNJ and membership distribution on its basis affects Nepal's press freedom movement.

Freedom Forum is therefore worried over the discrimination in the membership distribution. As per the reports from different districts, even the persons out of media sector eg from transport enterprises, police administration and hoteliers are recommended and provided membership. The membership is added despite recommendation from the district chapters. It is quite arbitrary and discriminatory on the part of the FNJ leadership to act this way and is against its established norms, values and tenets.

Freedom Forum reiterates its stand that media should be free, fair and independent. Any political influence can tarnish the professionalism at any time. Importantly, the role of the umbrella organization, FNJ, must be clear on professional media to boost democratic culture considering free media's role to create a healthy public opinion. The guided media can not steer democratic practice which the FN needs to be aware.

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