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Threat of Physical Actions on Media Persons

On April 13, a group of people threatened Suren Shakya, technical person at Khandbari FM and other reporters of the same media over the airing of a news story.

The FM located in Sankhuwasabha, a district in a remote eastern hill of the country, was airing the news that 'some people were being lured to for foreign employment with false promise of handsome salaries'.

Technical person Shakya said, "Some five to seven persons barged into the technical section of the FM station and inquired why the news was being aired and who gave authority to the FM radio to air the news."

Asked whether the news content was misleading, the news was factual.

They also threatened of physical actions to him and other friends, for airing the news, added technician Shakya.

As the police were informed on time about it, they were arrested immediately from the FM station.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident of physical threat to media persons for disseminating the factual news. And, the police initiation to nab the group threatening media persons is quite appreciative. Now, the police needs to investigate into the group and help avoid possible attacks.

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